How to Clean your Car Interior like a Pro

Whether you use the vehicle to transport pets, children, guests, or yourself, keeping everything clean will keep you and your passengers happy. It can be an even bigger problem than bad odors and ugly stains, as dust and dirt can build up and damage your vehicle’s interior materials.
Let us help you clean your car. We put together this guide to help you give your car’s interior the attention it deserves. Say goodbye to last month’s cracker crumbs and spilled soda with these instructions, tips, and products.

1. Remove and clean floor mats
Remove the floor mats after removing all debris from the car. If you wash your floor mats with water and cleaner, we recommend doing this step early in the cleaning process. This will give the mat time to dry while you detail the rest of your car’s interior. When removing the floor mat, shake it outwards to remove large crumbs and other debris. Run a vacuum to collect any dirt embedded in the mat.

2. Vacuum Interior
With the floor mats removed, vacuum the entire interior of the vehicle. Use the attachment to access hard-to-reach corners such as cup holders or the space between the windshield and dashboard. Don’t forget to vacuum over the seats and sneak up on all the dirt and crumbs.

3.Clear Dust and Disinfect Dashboard
Vacuum cleaners are great for picking up dirt and dust inside your car, but they can be too big to navigate the tight areas of your dashboard. Use a duster or microfiber cloth to keep the dashboard and vents free of small particles. Dusters and microfiber towels are soft enough not to scratch air vents and are designed to trap dust rather than disperse it throughout your vehicle. After dusting the dashboard, use disinfecting wipes to kill any germs or bacteria that live on the dashboard.

4. Carefully Clean Console
As with the dashboard, it’s important to keep the console clean of dust, dirt, and debris. Be careful when cleaning areas such as gearshifts, infotainment panels, and console controls. For example, air conditioners and radio buttons built into consoles can be delicate, so be careful when dusting or disinfecting them.

5. Clean Cupholders, Door Panels, and Steering Wheel
Keep cup holders, door panels and steering wheels dust free and sanitize these surfaces. If you have removable cup holders, remove them and wash them in warm water with a little dish soap. Scrub well using a sponge or soft bristle brush to remove any residue. You can clean frequently touched areas in your car, door panels and handles, with disinfectant wipes.

6. Wipe Interior Windows
Use an alcohol-based glass cleaner like Invisible Glass to wipe the inside of the windows and windshield. Never use products that are not designed to clean glass. If you use glass cleaner in your car, try using two microfiber towels. Spray the product onto a cloth and use it to apply the cleaner to the glass. This prevents particles from the cleaner from sticking to other surfaces in your car and causing buildup and damage. Wipe the glass clean with a second cloth. This strategy helps reduce streaks, and the microfiber cloth protects the glass from abrasion.

7. Take Care of Seats
First vacuum the sheets using a vacuum cleaner with a hose attached to remove crumbs and other debris. Then clean it using a product appropriate for the material of the seat. Wipe the leather seats with a car-specific leather cleaner. Follow the product’s instructions and consider a follow-up treatment with a leather conditioner to keep it supple, soft and shiny.On cloth seats, look for stains that need to be removed. Choose a stain removal product and follow the directions on the package to apply, set and rinse the product. Apply upholstery cleaner all over the seat. A scrubbing brush helps push the product into the sheet for a deeper clean. Rinse the product with a microfiber cloth soaked in water.

8. Deodorize
Finally, use baking soda, activated charcoal, and air freshener to get rid of bad odors. For example, put baking soda or activated charcoal in a plastic container with a lid along with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Cut some vents in the lid and tuck them tight under the seat or use a gel air freshener.





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